About Us

Meet the dynamic duo, Shannon Stumpenhaus and Nickole Stark-Glover, lifelong friends whose journey began in the realm of real estate and evolved into the vibrant world of interior design. From their early days as business partners in the real estate arena, the remarkable connection between Shannon and Nickole blossomed into a shared passion for transforming spaces. Their laughter-filled collaboration and love for what they do paved the way for a new chapter in their entrepreneurial journey. Today, they stand as proud owners of the charming storefront, "Our Favorite Things," where their creativity and joy for their work come to life. In a unique blend, they continue both their real estate and interior design careers, showcasing the seamless integration of their combined expertise. Step into their world, where friendship, laughter, and a shared love for design have woven the threads of a remarkable journey.

Interior Design

We're your one-stop destination for interior design dreams. Whether you're embarking on a full-scale home transformation or simply looking to add a touch of personality to your space, step into our design room today and let's make your dream space together.

Our Favorite Things

Our Favorite Things, where each item is handpicked to inspire joy and transform your space. Find a delightful array of gifts, vibrant home decor, stylish furniture, colorful shirts, enchanting candles, exquisite jewelry, and more. Each piece is a celebration of uniqueness and quality, designed to breathe life and personality into your home. Experience the perfect blend of fun, elegance, and warmth at Our Favorite Things.