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Stuff Every Man Should Know

Stuff Every Man Should Know

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With chapters on domestic life, personal appearance, etiquette and socializing, business and pleasure, love and relationships, and a brand-new health and wellness section, it’s the ultimate reference for men of all ages. Each volume in this best-selling series tells readers everything they should know about one of life’s many challenges—whether being a good cook or a great spouse, telling a great joke or improving your golf (or gardening!) game, graduating from college or planning a perfect wedding. You’ll find all the answers in a concise but comprehensive pocket-sized package.

A refreshed and updated edition of the Quirk classic that shares everything the modern man should know (but probably doesn’t), including:

• How to Tie a Tie
• How to Maintain Facial Hair
• How to Order a Bottle of Wine
• How to Entertain Children
• How to Have a Productive Argument with Your Partner
• How to Start a Simple Skincare Routine
• And much more!

3.76"w x 6.05"h x .66"d

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