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An Adventurous Life

An Adventurous Life

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Tom Stringer is a prolific and highly regarded United States-based interior designer whose work remains intimately braided with his travels. Stringer's spirited personality and love of adventure resonates throughout his work; his creativity is simultaneously rooted in the classics while offering clients a multi-layered and modern approach to colour, texture and personal interests. With the same energy that motivates his own love of travel and collecting, Tom incorporates his clients' passions into their design schemes, creating a kind of relaxed glamour that is both deeply personal and truly unique. Having always been attracted to one or another culture's talismanic objects, he seeks to find the things that draw meaning and potency from the stories attached to them. For Tom, design is storytelling; he is adept at helping clients distill and articulate their story, and so once there is a connection, this gives direction, meaning, and resonance to the rooms that he creates, and imbues these works with the client's personal narrative.

Featuring maps that reflect Tom's broad travels, this beautifully presented monograph showcases Tom's incredible journey, with rich photography throughout. From his earliest personal history and influences, in particular his cartographic endeavours, this book reveals how he uses these rich experiences to create authentic, original, stunning projects, projects that are not only warm and inviting but also visually elegant. This is a delightful, personal and insightful look into one of the world's renowned interior designers.

11.95"h x 9.92"w x 1.05"d

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