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THANNI Rattan Napkin Holder

THANNI Rattan Napkin Holder

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The THANNI Rattan Beverage Napkin Holder is a versatile box with a classic Rattan design. Finished in white enamel with gold handles, it can hold various items like candies, nuts, and napkins. Also, includes linen coasters and fits folded beverage or cocktail napkins. Timeless and unique, this collection adds a touch of vintage and modern to any interior. Plus, it's sturdy enough to withstand commercial dishwashers. Handmade with top quality and FDA-safe aluminum alloy.

Size: 8 x 8 x 1

  • Napkin Caddy
  • White enamel on the inside and outside.
  • Silver-toned handles inspired by traditional Rattan. 

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